Yelp's Listings Directory: A Powerful Tool for Local Businesses

Yelp is a crowdsourced review website and app that allows users to find and review businesses. The listings directory is a valuable resource for local businesses of all sizes.

Here are some of the benefits of listing your customer's business on Yelp's listings directory:

  • Increase brand awareness: By listing their business on Yelp, businesses can get their name in front of millions of potential customers.
  • Generate leads: The directory allows businesses to include their contact information and website address, making it easy for potential customers to get in touch.
  • Drive foot traffic: The directory can help businesses to attract new customers by showing them where they can find the businesses they're looking for.
  • Improve customer service: The directory allows businesses to collect reviews from customers, which can help them to identify areas where they can improve their service.

Here are some of the top industries on Yelp's listings directory:

  • Restaurants: Yelp is a popular app for finding restaurants, so it's a great way for restaurants to get their name in front of potential customers.
  • Retail: Yelp is a great way for retailers to connect with potential customers who are nearby.
  • Services: Yelp is a great way for service providers, such as plumbers, electricians, and locksmiths, to reach potential customers who need their services.
  • Travel: Yelp is a great way for businesses that offer travel-related services, such as hotels, car rentals, and tours, to reach potential customers.

Here are some of the features of Yelp's listings directory:

  • Number of businesses: Yelp's listings directory includes over 100 million businesses in over 200 countries. This gives businesses a large potential audience to reach.
  • Domain authority: Yelp's listings directory has a domain authority of 90, which is considered to be very high. This means that the directory is well-respected by search engines, and is likely to rank high in search results pages.
  • Image/video upload capabilities: Yelp's listings directory allows businesses to upload images and videos. This can help businesses to showcase their products or services, and to make their listings more visually appealing.
  • Social profile integrations: Yelp's listings directory integrates with a variety of social profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This allows businesses to share their listings on social media, and to connect with potential customers on the platforms where they are already active.

By offering these features, Yelp’s listings directory is a valuable resource for local businesses of all sizes. It can help businesses to increase brand awareness, generate leads, drive foot traffic, and improve customer service.


Yelp's listings directory is a powerful tool that can help local businesses of all sizes to reach a wider audience. If you're looking for a way to get your customer's business noticed, I encourage you to list your business on Yelp today. Manage your customers' listings with ease using LDE's Business Listings API API. Get started today!

Once you've listed your customer's business, make the most of their reviews using LDE's Yelp reviews integration.

Chart of Yelp’s Domain Authority, Capabilities, Social Integrations, and Top Industries, by Number of Business Profiles

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