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Who is Local Data Exchange?

The Local Data Exchange (LDE) platform is a connected data network that powers the next generation of local consumer and business experiences. It connects local media companies via a single API to launch new DaaS products based on existing assets and open access to an ecosystem of developers and new markets. 

Many local media companies and advertising agencies do not have easy access to the kinds of rich, accurate and real-time data necessary to compete in today’s data-driven marketplace. Some of these companies may actually be sitting on a mountain of data, but don’t have the resources or internal expertise to monetize it.

Local Data Exchange is working to change this by helping these companies build value in their core business through a single API connection that allows them to buy, sell, enhance, validate, publish and analyze data across the entire local data ecosystem.

LDE streamlines the analytic process by eliminating the need to rebuild the big data infrastructure for each analysis or product offering and eliminates big data silos, which make it difficult to share information internally and with other organizations.



Gideon Rubin | Founder, CEO

Joshua Odmark | FOUNDER, CTO

Deon van der vyver | svp of Engineering


“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.”

- The Economist