Yelp Review Data Without Limitation

Get the data you need, when you need it. No limits on data. No limits on requests.


Our customers have retrieved over 10 terabytes of review data from our API.

5 million

Reviews have been retrieved for over 5 million businesses.

1 million

Our robust API serves over 1,000,000 requests every single day.


Better Than Yelp's Own API

Get data faster with just as much reliability with LDE's Yelp Reviews API.

Save Time

Avoid lengthly business development discussions and a seven figure yearly commitment.

All The Data

Yelp locks data behind paywall after paywall. Get it all from day one with LDE's Yelp Reviews API.

Save Money

LDE's API is the most cost effective way to get this data.

Zero Compromise

Working with Yelp puts significant restrictions on your business.

Did You Know?

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What They Say About Us

Uniquely promote adaptive quality vectors rather than stand-alone e-markets.
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Ron Donair Ron Donair

Ron Donair

CEO at Intuizi

"Not only am I building an infrastructure that can support AI & ML workloads, but I’m driving down my OpEx costs at the same time”

Top companies are using Yelp data

Worried about Yelp API limitations? Learn how the top companies are accessing and using Yelp data for their platforms. 

  • Vendasta


  • Tapclicks


  • LocalEdge


  • Podium


  • Uberall


  • Birdeye


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